Friday, June 30, 2006

Thanks Charles, I didn't have shit to talk about today....

Two Names You Go By:
1. My government
2. Nika/Nique

Two Things You Are Wearing Right Now:
1.My asshole
2. My titties

Two Things You Would Want in a Relationship:
1. Honesty

Two Things You Want Really Badly At This Moment:
1. Puddy
2. Some food to cure my hangover

Two of Your Favorite Hobbies:
1. Dancing
2. Talkin shit

Two pets you have had:
1. A mouse called Mousie
2. Can I call my son a that wrong...

Two people who will fill this out:
1.Charles did
2. Missy did

Two things you did last night
1. Drank Hennessy
2. Watch the strippers

Two Favorite Places to eat:
1. MacArthur's (Soul Food Restrurant out West)
2. Subway cures hangovers...

Two things you ate today:
1. Baba's Steak sandwich
2. Fries

Two people you Last Talked To:
1. Puddy
2. My sister

Thursday, June 29, 2006

"It ain't no bitch in my blood/Nigga its nothing but thug/I'll knock the black off yo ass"

See, I told yall Kaeven is my savior, I'll glad I have him, cause I would be into all types of shit...

So yesternite, I'm talking to GeorgiaPeach, when my homegirl BrownSugga, tells me her homegirl got busted in the face with a bottle, let's ride....

True, its not my fight, but I ain't finna let my girl ride out I wrap my hair up, put a plastic bag on it (cause it was storming), and we roll out...She grab the pistol and we in the car hydroplaning....

Once we arrive, everybody is on the block waiting for the "jump off". Bitches got pipes, knives, bats, tennis rackets, free weights, etc. Man, we must've stood out there for about 2 hours and still nothing...I'm looking like what yall waiting for...The bitch who got hit, kids were out there and they ain't jump, so I was like fuck it....Let that been my mama, that busted in the face with a bottle, its on!! No talking, just scraping...

So marks are steadily, getting dropped off on the block, so now its like 50 people per party....A BRAWL....So my girl, cocked back and was ready to let one loose in the air, just to make them scatter like roaches, but as soon as, she was about to do it, here come them people.....

Man, I had my guys come scoop me and we went to the club...with what I had on, (my profile pic), I also had on my AirMax no laces, cause I had just washed them...I ain't finna put on my crispy's in the rain...thats foolish...sneaker murder...

So we off in the club, and niggas telling me I'm the finest thang they have seen all night...I'm like damn, look at what I got on...I ain't stunting in no form or fashion, while bitches was in there doing it, but they was BUSTED in the face, body and whatever else....

So we leave ans hit, I hit up Maxwell's and these 2 old heads try to holla.

He say, "No laces?"

I'm like, "Yea, I just got out the County"....*lol*

He like, "Naw, you too cute to be in the County, who you wit?"

"Wit my guys"

"See you need to change yo ways them niggas prolly got you locked up the first time."

I'm just laughing cause he believe that shit.

Then his old head homeboy like, "Naw fam, she ain't just get out no County, if she did ....naw, she too cute."

Then the first guy was like, "Naw I believe her, she ain't got no laces..."

I grabbed my food and walked off laughin....*lol*
What I look like being in the County?
Well shit, if the brawl had jumped off, I might just been in that bitch, fo hittin a bitch over the head with a fifth of Hennessy bottle....

Oh did I tell yall, I love this WestSide SHIT, with my Southside ass....
But check this out, they said I talk like I'm from Down South....that's cool too....

Kaeven will be gone another there's another week of madness to occur....

Til Next Time, Crank Asses....

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Congratulations, InsanelySane, you've passed the computerized test for the airport security....

I was a bit nervous...Don't get me wrong, I'm a genius when it comes to taking timed test. This test was supposed to be 2 and a half hours long, well, I finished in 45 minutes. There was english grammar, punctuation, and vocabulary, all simple shit. I thought I did bad on the part where you have to scan items through the X ray machine, but obviously, I did well.... YAAAAHHH!

Ok, now the next test is physical test. Running back and forth with weights, I got that covered, I'm in better shape now....

And the drug test!!! I should be good. I'm glad to know, I'm not an addict anymore. I don 't need weed. I thought I did...but I've done without...however, I may still need to get something to cleanse my system. Cause, "I'm smoke dawg, baby, been smoking since I was two!"

If you X weed heads, current weed heads, have any ideas on how to cleanse my system, please let me know. THANKS!!!

Other than that, I been big pimpin, spending other people's cheese....

Been getting drunk err'day since Kaeven been gone. Shit, I forgot how much fun I am...

Monday evening, I decided to catch up on some sleep, to awaken, hearing someone calling me by my government name, all loud in the streets....

Who THE FUCK????

So, I yell out the window, "WHO THE FUCK CALLIN ME?"...Don't nobody know where I stay like that, so I was stumped...

"This yo cousin!!"

My cousin, my killer, my ride or die nigga, a real ass G', I love him to death. Come to find out this nigga live out West too...

So he comes up, I call my other homeboys, (they want to recruit me into they lil' organization, not a gang or no shit...) they come through, we drank, they smoke, and me and my cousin buss they heads in some spades, while we have nigga talk... the shit I love....

Kissed someone on your blog roll?

No, he kissed me on the fronts of "Gina"

Danced in front of your mirror naked?
Of course, I be practicin my moves...

Told a lie?
Who hasn't?
You LIE!!

Had feelings for someone who didnt have them back?

Been arrested?
no, *knock on wood*

Slept in until 5pm?
Yessir, now that Kaeven's gone...

Had sex at work (on the clock)?
Yes, the summer heat be having me doing thangs...

Held a snake?
I touched one...

Ran a red light?
Sometimes its mandatory...

Been suspended from school?
More like kicked out for truancy...

Totaled your car in an accident?
"But I said naw...Bitch I said naw"...*KNOCK ON WOOD!*

Sang karaoke?
Not in a club or anything...
I did the ON DEMAND Comcast karaoke...

Done something you told yourself you wouldn't?
I'm human...

Gave your private parts a nickname?
When I was younger..."Purina"- puppy chow...

Ever gone to school / work without underwear?

Been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on?
No, I can't swim, mofo better not push me!

Broken a bone?

Mooned/flashed someone?

Shaved your head?
No, I just cut all the perm off....

Slept naked?
Of course

Blacked out from drinking?
Yeap..yean know?

Played a prank on someone?
YES, I like to place a bucket of water over the door....*lol* My daddy got me so many times with that one, so its only right to get others....

Had a gym membership?

Made your girlfriend/boyfriend cry?

Cried over someone you were in love with?

Had Mexican jumping beans for pets?
What the hell?!?!?

Subscribed to Maxim?
Naw, but I read my cousin's...

Tripped on shrooms?
Naw, I heard they make yo breathe smell and taste like shit....

Video taped yourself having sex and kept the tape?

Eaten alligator meat?
No, heard it tastes like chicken...

I love it!

Do you watch porn?
Yes, when my imagination runs dry....

Been bungee jumping?
Hell no...

Til next time, Niggas and Niggettes....

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

FREAKY MEME (From the FREAK herself)


I can count on my 2 hands, ten fingers, how many times I been laid in 2006...thats ok...I know what I want, how I want it, and thats the only way I wanna get it....
In the park on a bench, I had on a sundress..."lift ya shirt like light wind, then I slide right in..."
In the park on a tree, this man, saw us, and he took off running, I was all loud and shit, I felt like I was in a porn movie...*lol*
Puddy and I did it in the woods out by our job...Some white people saw us...*lol* We left before they called the cops...*lol*
How I'm gone explain getting locked up during work hours?
Sure, PCC, sometimes has jokes...*lol*
Puddy makes me laugh when he's torturing me, its a laugh mixed with some sobbing...*lol*
Yes, cause Puddy made me do it...
Or I came so hard I cried...
Depends on who it is...and being that I only have 2 active partners, those are the two...
But, inthe past, some niggas sole purpose is to fuck me and leave, get out!!!
Get off me, its hot!!
I tend not to regret shit I did, but I would take a few of the weak ass l"lays" off my list...
And I would definitely take "gayboy" off my list.

Yes, so he could stop postponing his nut and get up and leave...

I hate guys that don't talk, so weak, thats a weak lay....

Who hasn't? But I get tested every 6months...and I have the paperwork to prove it...

No. Now I may have imagined one of my friends getting done by her significant other...*lol*

Yea, cause it was no sense doing that lame shit again....
Whats my muthafuckin name?

Yes, my BD made us watch my porn during sex, and it wasn't a porn with him on it...*lol*

I like to role there...


When that dude came and I kept suckin and then he said, "I have to piss", so I turned his penis toward him and he golden showered himself...I was ROLLLING on the FLOOR, literally!! I would never let him live that one down....*lol*

14, T was 13...*lol*

The last person I had sex with(Puddy)....thats how I get, I don't want nobody else on me....Thats how I get after a nigga done laid it down...
AS long as, Kaeven no where around, I scream to loud...

I'm always horny after I get it real good....I'm ready for #18 and 19, not now, but RIGHT NOW!!!....*lol*

Ummm, have you seen the ass and tits on that KUNTRY guh?...I wish I had a penis..

Til next time, but I'm taggin these muthafuckas...
*Big Daddy
*T Cas
*Nique, (Why niggas callin me Nique, cause they can't say my name?...*lol*)

Sunday, June 25, 2006

"Moving again"

SHIT yall, I may have to move again....

While I'm recovering from this major hangover, my coochie is recovering from a major beatdown, all thanks to Puddy....YES!!!! Finally, satisfaction...

I kicked it out West, on the porch drinking and shit, choppin it up with folks....
These marks gone tell me, "I know you from the Southside, cause you talk too proper"...*lol*
They say if I throw in a few more "On my mama, Joe" 's in my sentences, I could better blend in. Its all good though.

I'm still so hood, and niggerish...cause I like simple shit, simple kickin it, on the block with hood folks, acting a damn donkey....Most of all, I love kickin it with the niggas, which is also what I did. These niggas, was like, "You cool as hell, cause you so comfortable hangin with the guys" to which I replied, "I'd rather kick it with niggas over females any day, they keep up to much dram"...
Not no hoe ass, faggot ass niggas, I don't mean gay niggas, just punk niggas...they worse than bitches... However, I do want a gay male friend, like my girl Negropino aka Missy aka Ms. New Booty aka Free Agent...*lol*

I ended up haning out with the fellas til 5am at some Westside hole in the wall club...I'm so mad I missed all the "snap music songs", I wasn't able to Lean and Rock with it, Body Rock or Shoulder Lean,( I been waiting to go out to tryout my new dance moves...*lol*) but I was Steppin though...If I got a good leader that knows how to step, I can fake it the rest through, he told me "as long as you got rhythm and a good partner, you all gravy", to which I was....

Puddy was pissed at me, because he was waiting outside my crib for like an hour, while these niggas was lookin for some buss downs to buss down....I'm mad, I shoulda took my own ride...thats what I get for riding with other folks....

So,he punished me for that, as well as,for talkin about him on my secret blog. He beat me up, dragging me about the house by my hair, choking me, smackin my ass oh so hard.

On my secret blog, I expressed my deep feelings for him. He wanted to know why I didn't share this information with him, to which I replied, "Why would I tell you that?" I'm not the one to be letting niggas know how I feel about them, besides, I wasn't supposed to be feeling that way about him....

This was the conversation we had during our "act".

It was supposed to be only physical, but it developed into more.

Although my scalp feel like its bleeding (from the hair tuggin) and my bladder and kidney's are shifted...*lol* (due to his massive masculine organ), I loved every minute of the abuse....*lol*

Hey what can I say, I like to play rough. I have a high tolerance for pain and he definitely knows how to administer, just the type of sexual beating I need. I haven't had it that good since the last time him and I were together....MMMMM!

I feel so embarrassed, he knows I love/loved him, he knows I cried over him before, he knows too much....*lol* I know I be frontin'. I would stalk that nigga, straight up!! But I'm not crazy and I can keep my composure...which is why I had to release my emotions in some form...through my blog....

I'll let yall in on my secret...I had created a blog under the alias of "Soulace".(
I should become a liar....

Yea, he read all that....I'm so embarrassed...oh well...*lol*

*lol* Zed hated on me, cause he felt it was poetry (he hates blogs with all poetry, you shattered my dreams Zed, each its own...*lol*) and others did as well. I had a few haters but mostly congratulators....Thanks to any and everyone who enjoyed it, thanks to those that hated it as well....

However, its not poetry, its just free prose... But if some deem it as poetry then so be it....
I just needed to release some shit, before I go crazy inside....

Well, thats the kinda shit I be getting into when I'm a single, childless, I'm outta commission, cause he beat the brakes of my pussy....Yea he did...Making me service him, while he pulls my hair to manuever my mouth just the way he likes....MMMM!! Lemme stop for I cream just thinking about it....

DAMN!! I can't for nothing take all that nigga shit....its too much for my mouth, cooch...He's the only one I can't swallow whole....MMMM, I love the challenge though...lemme shut up...

Puddy, if you're reading this, YOU'RE AN ASSHOLE....JERK OFF!!! You still my homie though...and don't be pussyfootin around here on my blog NUKKA!!!

Ok, I'm bout to try to get some rest...

Til next time assholes....*lol**(yall know I'm kiddin right, I hope my sign out isn't offensive, if it is stop being so sensitve, I mean no harm by it...but yall know I have to live up to my name, who else do you know that sign off like that?)

Friday, June 23, 2006

"The Childless Mother"

My aunt will take Kaeven for an entire week, starting tomorrow...

This sucks, cause I'm broke, but I don't know what I'm gonna do with myself for a whole week....

Ok, thats all...

Oh yea, I almost got into it again at the laundromat with some Rican broad...

There's a play area for the children and Kaeven was playing with some little girl.
Then here's comes Kaeven telling me, "Ma, she hit me..."

"Well hit her back, don't let nobody hit you..."

After they swing it out for a minute he ended up smakcing the dog shit outta the girl and she started screaming so loud my aunt could hear her over my cellphone.

Here comes Kaeven, "Ma, I hit her back.."

"Okay, thats what you supposed to do, don't let nobody hit you..."

After 2 minutes of the little girl screaming bloody murder, the mother comes to the rescue.

I size her up.

She asks her child what's wrong and as I'm approaching the scene, I hear her asking Kaeven, "Why did you hit her?". Thats when I intervene, with my attitude, "Cause she hit him, so if she don't want to get hit, she better keep her fuckin hands to herself..."

She walks away and takes her child with....

One of these days, I'm gonna have to knock one of them hoes out....

Til next time, Jerk Offs...(yall know its all love..*lol*)

Thursday, June 22, 2006

"I used to think I had it bad because I had no shoes, then I met a man with no feet"

One of the most important things I've learned about life is it could always be worst. There are many other people who's lives are much harder and less fortunate. At times, I tend to beat myself up about my life and how if this or that would've been a possiblity, somehow, I would be better off...

I've learned to love my situation, look at the bright side, count my blessings, pray for the less fortunate and help out when I can...

My mother could've been a crack whore and my sister and I could've been molested by all of her tricks and drug dealers...

Or I could've never known my mom.

I am thankful for the mother I do have and I can't blame her for having her own issues in life that may prevented her from being the best. I can learn from her and not follow suit, in hopes of being the best mother I can be without letting my personal issues affect my biggest fear...

Most people don't even know their dads, but I can say, I am a spliting resemblance of mine and I have internalized the values he has instilled in me as a child. So I guess him being an alcoholic is not so bad....

Some women are barren and will never enjoy the pleasure and joy of pregnancy and childbirth. While some women never feel the true essence of womanhood, I go through the ups and downs of being a single mom. I'm blessed to have a healthy, intelligent son.

Do I wish to have a better childhood and not having to grow up at age 11?
Yes, I would love to be able to relive my childhood in a situation to where I can actually be carefree. But if I was given that opportunity, would I be who I am today? Would I have the personality and character I now possess?

I doubt it....

Would I had rather been born into wealth than poverty?
Who wouldn't?

Rich or poor we all have personal issues when it comes to family and our upbringing...
But with money comes the best psychologists and shrinks that money can buy...

Yes I would rather be weathly with all of my "other" problems, than have to deal with these problems as well as, financial ones....

However, we don't choose our lives, we just have to live with them.

As far as our current President, shit could always be worst, we could be like those in 3rd World countries, under a dictatorship form of government.

Shit could always be worst...

I'm grateful to have my two feet and some shoes....

Til next time, FUCK FACES.....*LOL* (Yall know I'm just kidding...*lol*)

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

"Suckle the baby, cockle the man...."

DAMN, thats why I love CSI, they always say something that makes me think.

This particular episode found a very powerful man dead due to his fetish....


He wanted to be babied by his wife/mistress, for one of two reasons:

1. He will never love any other woman but his mother.
2. He was never shown love by his mother.

This really got me to thinking. I raise Kaeven alone and I for damn sure don't want him being a mama's boy.....
On the other hand, I don't want him missing out on his motherly love, bad enough, he's missing out on his fatherly love.....

As I further contemplate these scenarios, I find myself looking at all the men I have ever dated and their relationships with their mothers.

BD- His mother or father, they were busy getting high, so his grandparents raised him. Imagine selling drugs, being in a crackhouse, and seeing your mother giving head for a crack rock....

[In my head, Nas's lyrics to "Rest of my Life" playing...."My man gave his mommy coke/So she wouldn't hit the block all crazy for the smoke/DAMN NIGGA, could you picture you supplyin' your own moms/so she don't have to bone for DIMES?/Or give dome for nicks' in the roofs of the projects/where dogs shit and PISS...." I can't help but thinking of him everytime I hear that part....cause he did actually begin to supply her]

PCC- Never knew his mother, his mother left him in the hospital when he was born....his exact words, "My mama didn't want me...."

Derry- Loves his mother but isn't a mama's boy....

Puddy- Loves his mother.

My G'- His mother told me her stories of her drug binging days...and he too told me stories about being in ran down apartments with no lights....

The Filipino- No mother horror stories....

My ex- His mother suckled him. Was very overprotective and what not...but he loved and respected her. However, look at him now. (Refer to "We Can't Be Friends")

The love a man has for his mother will display in the way he treats you. This is something I've come to understand. No wonder my relationship with my child's father didn't work, he doesn't respect women. How can you, if you don't respect your mother? As for PCC, look at how he gets down....can I blame his mother?

Puddy, Derry, my ex and the Filipino, were/are very respectable chivalrous young men....shit, if it hadn't been for them, I would've forgotten how a woman is to be treated....

In short, I want Kaeven to be the best man he can be without having a positive father figure, at the same time I don't want to baby him. Thats hard when you don't have a man around telling you:

"Hey that boy is too old....":

"For you to be wiping his ass..."
"He can make his own cereal...come here boy..."

Thanks to my ex, Kaeven now wipes his own ass....
Thanks to my G, Kaeven now makes his own cereal...
Thanks to me, Kaeven now makes his own sandwiches and pours his own drinks (only if I have to mop the kitchen floor anyway, he misses the cup most of the time)

But without those few, brief male interactions, I learned its time to step Kaeven's "man" game up....

But as I stated, those male interactions are very few and brief.....
How am I to know when to step the game up a few more notches?
I'm not a man(although I have penis envy) and I can't teach him how to be a man.
I can just teach him what I know.

I guess what I'm asking is...
How do I know when I am being too motherly? When do I lay the chest shots on him? Or should I?

I don't want my son to be a "mama's boy", "gay", or a "womanizer".
I do know that my son, can never say my mommy doesn't love me!

[Side note: Today in the supermarket(do only white people say supermarket?..*lol*), after we left the bank and I gave him $5, he sees a "blaster"(his word for a gun) and asks me to buy it for him. I say, "You have your own money", so he gets it and tells me, "Thanks MOM, you're the best!!", I wanted to cry.....I think I'm gonna cry now...since we're not in the store anymore..]

I need MANLY advice on raising a son, I know my male bloggers are good for some advice.
Not that I'm having a hard time, but I just want to be "the BEST", which is hard to do when 2 people should raise a child and there's only one. You're bound to make some mistakes, where your counterpart would pick up where you fell off....

I know I would have a better shot raising a girl, cause I KNOW GIRLS....
But this man to man me stumped....

Oh yea, thanks to all the X weed heads that give me encouragement on kickin the weed habit....I don't know what I would do without all of my blog friends and family. Yall are my support system, the one I never had.....

Thanks for reading...*lol*(RobMack)
Peace and another blunt of that hoodoo....*lol*(Insanity)
Don't slip...*lol*(Big Daddy Kane)

I still don't have a sign off...*lol*

Maybe I'll try....

Til the next time MUTHAFUCKAS(or any other cuss word)!!!...*lol* But yall might not like me cussing at yall....tell me what yall think?..*lol*

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

"Parting is such sweet sorrow"

Judgement Day has cometh...

I received a call today.

This call said,
"Bitch, you gotta stop smoking weed, if you even think about securing this airport...."

Yea, its so hard to say goodbye, but I've been meaning to quit smoking weed...
I smoke so much I forgot....*lol*

But on the real, I need to quit and now, I have just the impetous I needed to quit. I have to be able to pass the UA. Plus, I can get more accomplished when I'm not in
"weed La La land".

Its part time so that gives me the opportunity to go to school on my off days. I can even relocate to Dallas, after my probationary period and they will accomodate me.

Let's hope all goes well, then I can finally wear a uniform (I have this fetish with uniforms, I just
KNOW, I'm gone be a sexy security officer...*lol*), work part time with full time benefits, stay in Chicago for a while, see Carmelo when he come in the airport for the games, (OK, I'm dreaming, but the airport is definitely the place where you see people, lots of people, people you ain't seen in a while, people you thought you'll never see again, people you never dreamed of seeing...)and all the other fine asses that come through the airport. Not to mention, I can get certified and licensed to carry and I won't be breaking the law....(OH SHIT!!! They dun gave her a gun....)

So tonight, I am taking two to the dome and calling it one....

Let's just do it again for old time sake....

(Now watch me become an alcoholic like everybody else that quit smoking weed...*lol*)

I got this one from SuperStar Nic

Your Birthdate: February 11

Spiritual and thoughtful, you tend to take a step back from the world. (true)
You're very sensitive to what's going on around you, yet you remain calm. (true)
Although you are brilliant, it may take you a while to find your niche. (true)
Your creativity is supreme, but it sometimes makes it hard for you to get things done. (true)

Your strength: Your inner peace(TRUE!)

Your weakness: You get stuck in the clouds(TRUE!!THOSE WEED CLOUDS...*LOL*)

Your power color: Emerald

Your power symbol: Leaf

Your power month: November

Bumper Stickers You Would Like To See

Jesus loves you...but everyone else thinks you are an ass.

Impotence.Nature's way of saying "No hard feelings,"

The proctologist called
...they found your head..

Everyone has a photographic memory
...some just don't have any film.

Save your breath...You'll need it to blow up your date.

Your ridiculous little
opinion has been noted.

I used to have a handle
on life...but it broke off.

WANTED: Meaningful
overnight relationship.

Guys...just because you have one,
doesn't mean you have to be one..

Some people just don't know how to drive...
I call these people "Everybody But Me,"

Heart Attacks...God's revenge for eating His animal friends.

Don't like my driving?
Then quit watching me.

If you can read this...I can
slam on my brakes and sue you.

Some people are only alive because it is illegal to shoot them.

Try not to let your mind wander...It is too small and fragile to be out by itself.

Hang up and drive!!

And The Number One Bumper Sticker you'd Like To See!!

Welcome to America speak English

Monday, June 19, 2006


Juneteenth is the oldest known celebration commemorating the ending of slavery in the United States. Dating back to 1865, it was on June 19th that the Union soldiers, led by Major General Gordon Granger, landed at Galveston, Texas with news that the war had ended and that the enslaved were now free.

Note that this was two and a half years after President Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation - which had become official January 1, 1863.

The Emancipation Proclamation had little impact on the Texans due to the minimal number of Union troops to enforce the new Executive order.

Proof positive that Texas operates as its own country....

However, with the surrender of General Lee in April of 1865, and the arrival of General Granger’s regiment, the forces were finally strong enough to influence and overcome the resistance.

Later attempts to explain this two and a half year delay in the receipt of this important news have yielded several versions that have been handed down through the years. Often told is the story of a messenger who was murdered on his way to Texas with the news of freedom.


Another, is that the news was deliberately withheld by the enslavers to maintain the labor force on the plantations.

Now that is believable...

And still another, is that federal troops actually waited for the slave owners to reap the benefits of one last cotton harvest before going to Texas to enforce the Emancipation Proclamation.

That's possible as well....bastids...

All or none of them could be true. For whatever the reason, conditions in Texas remained status quo well beyond what was statutory.

Juneteenth today, celebrates African American freedom while encouraging self-development and respect for all cultures.
Why are we celebrating the day slaves were freed, 2 years after they were already freed? Why are we celebrating the end of slavery regardless? There should never have been such an institution....

As it takes on a more national and even global perspective, the events of 1865 in Texas are not forgotten, for all of the roots tie back to this fertile soil from which a national day of pride is growing. The future of Juneteenth looks bright as the number of cities and states come on board and form local committees and organizations to coordinate the activities. Communication and networking is vital. A sharing of lessons learned throughout all organizations will help expedite this growth while minimizing waste and risks.

What lessons have we learned? I haven't noticied any positive changes due to the Juneteenth celebrations. I do know that niggas get into it with each other on Juneteenth. So what are we really celebrating? What have we really learned from all this?

Happy Juneteenth, *"Bootleg Africans"*

Sunday, June 18, 2006

This Weekend...

Kaeven and I went to see a play, titled, "The Lay-a-way Plan" .
Kaeven enjoyed the play and even sat still, shockingly...

Me on the way to the play, I hate my glasses, I look like a geek....

Kaeven is a MACK...
Oh my bad, he asked me to call him, "Kae-Kae", thats his street name...*lol*
Kae-Kae was mackin all the women at the play.

Here's the star of the show....

He did his thi-nag in the show, fa sho...
I keep calling him his "blog name", its a habit...*lol*I hate this pic as well, my face looks fat!

And a few scenes from the play....

I'm mad my sister faked me out, her and her man got into it...
He's an actor, so she said she didn't want to attend the play because she will be reminded of him...

I also had the pleasure of talking to fellow blogger's Zed's voicemail...
Too bad we weren't able to at least met in person, maybe next time...

I also heard from PCC...he is due in court on the 21st. He just may be getting sent up...
Oh well, I just told him make sure he get at me before the court date.
I will be able to finally express my feelings for him, through correspondence....

I spoke with Puddy as well, we have a date 2 weeks from now....
Not just any date, a date for him to help me break in my apartment...
He's the only person that enjoys sex in motion...*lol*
On the walls, the counter, anywhere but the bed....

Heat+Vodka+Green+Me Working Out 5 days a week= A hot, horny, bothered, energetic sex fiend!

Friday, June 16, 2006

"June 16th, 1971!! Mama gave birth to a Hell Raising, Heavenly, Son..."



RIP...."pour out a lil liquour" ...9/13/1996

This is MY SHIT!!!(the shit in bold is the shit I scream at the top of my lungs, almost the whole song....*lol*)

They wanna bury me, I'm worried

I'm losin my mind
Look down the barrel of my nine
And my vision's blurry
Fallin to pieces, am I guilty?
I pray to the Lord, But he ignores me
Unfortunately cause I'm guilty
Show me a miracle, I'm hopeless

I'm chokin off Marijuana smoke,

With every toke, it's like I'm losin focus
Fallin to sleep while I'm in service, When will I die?

Forever paranoid and nervous, because I'm high
   Don't mention funerals, I'm stressin, and goin nutty     And reminiscin bout them niggaz that murdered my buddy    I wonder when will I be happy, ain't nothin funny    Flashbacks of bustin caps, anything for money  Where am I goin I discovered, can't nothin save me  My next door neighbor's havin convo with undercovers  Put a surprise in the mailbox, hope she get it  Happy birthday bitch, you know you shouldn'ta did it   <a onblur=
Don't mention funerals I'm stressin, and goin nutty

And reminiscin bout them niggaz that murdered my buddy

I wonder when will I be happy, ain't nothin funny
Flashbacks of bustin caps, anything for money

Where am I goin, I discovered, can't nothin save her
My next door neighbor's havin convo with undercovers
Put a surprise in the mailbox, hope she get it

Happy birthday bitch, you know you shouldn'ta did it

Everybody's dyin am I next, who can I trust?
Will they be G's, and they look at me before they bust?
Or will they kill me while I'm sleepin, two to the head

while I'm in bed, leakin blood on my satin sheets

Is there a heaven for a baller? Gettin suspicious
of this bitch the line busy everytime I call her

Now she's tellin me to visit, who else is home?
I check the house before I bone, so we all alone

After I nut I hit the highway, see ya later
To all the players watch the fly way a nigga played her

The bitch is tellin all her homies -- that I can fuck her
like no other now them other bitches wanna bone me
I'm under pressure gettin drunk, somebody help me
I drink a fifth of Hennesey I don't think it's healthy
I see my enemies they creepin, don't make me blast
I watch the five-oh's roll, the muthafuckas pass
By me like they know me, smilin as they laugh

I put up my middle finger then I dash
Niggaz don't like me cause I'm Thuggin, and every day

I'm a hustler lookin to get paid

They wanna bury me, I'm worried -- no need to lie

I pray to God I don't scream when it's time to fry

Nowhere to rest I'm losin homies, ain't that a bitch
When I was rich I had clout, now a nigga's lonely
I put the pistol to my head, and say a prayer

I see visions of me dead, Lord are you there?

They tell me am I lost cause I'm lonely

I thought I had friends but in the end a nigga dies lonely

Nowhere to run from the terror, and no one cares

A closed casket at my funeral and no one's there

Is there a future for a killer? I changed my ways
But still that don't promise me the next day

So I stay Thuggin with a passion, forever blastin
I'm bustin on these motherfuckers in my madness
They wonder if I'm hellbound...
Well Hell
can't be worse than this, cause I'm in Hell now
Don't make me hurt you
I don't want to, but I will

Seen motherfuckers killed over chrome wheels....

Never will I die, I'll be back
Reincarnated as a
Cause in heaven there's no shortage on G's

I'm tellin you now,
You muahfuckas don't know me!!!!

"Only fear of death.."
"You ghetto niggaz"
"Only fear of death is comin back reincarnated"

Sorry GP I had to bite yo style just this once, I knew you wouldn't mind because its 2PAC....*lol*