Wednesday, May 31, 2006


I got a fat head! Ewww....

We got rained on at our picnic...

But we still had fun....

Monday, May 29, 2006

Memorial Day Weekend

This weekend was fulfilling to say the least.

I met fellow blogger, NameLiar (she's just as crazy cool in real life)

at Hassan's family get-together. .

I spoke with fellow blogger,RobMack, to wish him a Happy Birthday. (He sounds as good as he looks...tempting..*lol*)

Ms.Perdie, was in town, but my lame ass didn't have a sitter this weekend.

I saw PCC fine ass, fresh out the shower.

He helped me get my car back running, showed me how to drive my car so that it won't cut off.(I gotta drive with two feet like its a stick shift...)

He got me right, in more ways than one.. ..*lol*(By his own admission)

I know I was waaay outta pocket, for doing it with him in the garage with his BM in the house.

But hey, the sun, the heat, my drought, and him edging me on didn't help.

Before I did that crazy shit, I affirmed that he wasn't trying to get me killt...

He took all precausions, but if she came outside, there would be no way to explain what we were doing in there, all sweaty, huffing, puffing and smiling.

Although, it lasted only 3 minutes, plus one minute of me servicing him and one minute of him admiring and servicing my frontals and posteriors....*lol*

I had jism for lunch....*lol*

"The doctor said I needed a back-e-otomy", and thats exactly what I got...

I found this blog and these quotes while I was searching for a picture of a backeotomey...*lol*


Be still when you have nothing to say; when genuine passion moves you, say what you've got to say, and say it hot.(Fa sho!)
~D. H. Lawrence
(and I thought Paris Hilton made "that's hot" famous)

You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view. (I love this quote)
~Harper Lee

The doctor said I need a backeotomy.
~Sir Smoke Alot)

SammyGee Rock

No more nightmares...

Not to mention, my vibrator broke, so I been dealing with this heat dolo.

Saturday, my new one shall arrive, I got it for a great price!!!

I'll be back in business....

Showing my homeboy some love...

Don't NOBODY (Except some of the blog fam) got these wifebeaters...I like wearing shit ain't nobody else wearing...

Like these shoes here...

I gotta get these DVS's....ain't nobody rocking these out here...

These shoes...I gotta have these....I created the color scheme myself...I need these fa sho'..

Friday, May 26, 2006

Farewell Floyd...


(Ok, I fixed the link, my BAD!!)

I didn't feel blogging so I'll just post these pictures to say a farewell....

Damn, you shouldn't be so damn sexy....too bad...We gotta talk...

First let me just kiss the guns....

Mmmmm,so sexy...

We can't do this anymore, Floyd...
I heard about that altercation with your BM, I didn't know you had all them kids...

I don't know for sure, but I'm not trying to find out....

Were you really serious when you said this?

"Bitch, you betta quit playing wit me foe I punch you in yo throat!..."

He look serious, don't he?...*lol*

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Lame vs Game

First of all, I would like to make myself a little bit more clear. Some may have misconstrued the fact of me wanting a thug, when in actually I just don't want a lame. I definitely don't want a thug.

Main Entry: thug
Pronunciation: 'th&g
Function: noun
Etymology: Hindi thag, literally, thief
: a brutal ruffian or assassin : GANGSTER, KILLER

I know Gangsters and I know Killers. Now do I want to be actively involved with one, No...
Have I been involved with one? Of course, its always good to have killers on your team, in the time of need.

I just wanted to take the time and further explain what I mean by a lame, thanks Hassan, you gave me more fodder for my blog, cause I was about to shut it down......



*Asks a woman to do something for him in a weak, non-authoritative, begging manner, in which it doens't get done.

*Scared to smoke, drank, and ride, in fear of getting caught by the authorities.(TRUE STORY)

*Whenever they see the authorities, they get nervous and stiff.

*Speaks one language, English. In the hood, they are clueless to the vernacular used.

*Approaches a woman and doesn't know what to say and in the process, does or says something goofy. He doesn't get the phone number. He gets played off like a lame.

*Will walk right into a fucked up situation, panic, and not know what to do to get out of it.

*Will punk out in a New York minute. He will run and leave his woman to fend for herself.

*Will get yall fucked up in the hood.

*Will take you down the WRONG street almost getting yall fucked up. (TRUE STORY)

*Allows their woman to talk to him, sideways.

*Tries to control his woman with violence.

*Gets no respect from niggas, even his own niggas.

*Steady try to get back with a female after she dumped him.

*Gets taken for all his little dust and still gets no ass.

*If he does get sex, he gets lame sex, no oral activities.

*Always calling a female and she never calls him.

*Tries hard to look cool.

*Tries to handcuff the pussy.

LAMES, stop laming ya selves out....that's weak, women don't like weak men.


*Demands something of a woman in a subtle authoritative manner where the woman doesn't deem it as an order, and the shit gets done.

*Has methods to smoke, drink, and ride, to minimize getting caught slipping.

*Is well rounded and can switch up from English to Ebonics when necessary.

*Doesn't have to approach a woman, she already noticies him, if he does approach her, he does it with finesse.

*Already peeps a fucked up situation, tells his woman to follow his instructions, and he remains calm. (TRUE STORY)

*He ain't no back down ass nigga.

*Chooses his battles wisely, knows some battles should be fought at a later date...

*Knows what part of the city or what streets to avoid in order to avoid unnecessary conflict.

*His woman respects him enough not to talk to him sideways.

*Knows if he has to put his hands on a woman, he will let her go.

*Gets respect from niggas, they honor him.

*Never chase after a female.

*Has no problems getting the drawers without tricking, the female may even trick off on him.

*When he gets sex from a woman, she gives him the whole treatment and then some...

*Will never blow up a female's phone, let's her call when she is ready.

*He is just cool, without trying.

*Knows the golden rule, YOU CAN'T HANDCUFF NO PUSSY, and he lives accordingly.


Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The Lauren London/Nsaneleesane KING Interview....

Here's an excerpt:
Don’t be fooled by the baby face. Sure, actress Lauren London looks PG-friendly, but what the just-turned-21-year-old black-and-white blend craves are R ratings. Violence and sexual themes included, this Los Angeles native is partial to pistol-packing movie men with street-type spidey sense. “There’s no way I should be tougher than my man,” she says. “I can’t go to rough areas and have my man get nervous. That’d be straight bitch!” Gotta love angels with dirty mouths.

So you want a man who’s both honest and thug?
An authentic gangsta—that deletes about half the rap game off your list. I love guys who are street. I won’t even give soft guys a chance. Menace II Society is my shit! Caine was like my first crush. Actually, O-Dog was my true dream guy. I was in love with him, from that opening scene where he pops the convenience-store worker. He had me from that gunshot [laughs]. He was ’hood, and I loved that.

Honesty is the first quality I look for in a man. He has to be able to be honest with his feelings and able to express them to me. He has to be honest with his sexuality as well.
As far as a thug is concerned, I do look for a man with thug qualities. Qualities such as slanging anything other than marijuana, hanging on the block with the homies all day, in and out of jail, are not the qualities I look for in a thug. Bottom line it comes down to knowing how the hood operates, keeping ya guard up, and having a sense of danger and knowing how to get out of jeopordizing situations.

This is where being a thug clashes. Thugs have to maintain a hard exterior and emotions are out of the question. Thugs usually have no book intelligence. Nas said it best, "Make sure he a thug and intelligent too..." Have you ever tried to get deep with a thug? Impossible, depending on the thug... Thugs with intelligence are far, few, and in between.

So dudes without rap sheets need not apply?

I can tell immediately how lame you are. For me, too soft is, after I give you my number, you call every day. “I want to take you to dinner. You’re the future!” Dude, you don’t even know me. You’ve known me for two weeks and you love me? I don’t get that. That kind of rush job might freak me out at 21. I’m not ready for marriage!

I can tell a lame when I see one as well. I can't stand lames, however, I don't want my man to have a rap sheet, but I would expect him to have some problems with the law at one point, got out of the trouble, unscathed, and learn from that experience to not make a career of it. I more so want a "reformed thug". He's been there, done that, but can see the bigger picture and can relate to and educate the younger generation that that's not the route to take.
I definitely don't want a man I can tell what to do and he does it, all the time. Where's the challenge in that?

Smart girl. Monogamy is so overrated. When you have a man—what kind of wifey are you?
Well, it’s funny because one of my dream roles is to be in a movie like Boomerang. The women characters are so strong, and how Robin Givens flipped the script on his ass! That’s so not me, though—that’s why I’d love to play it. I’m so Halle Berry’s character.

Monogamy is definitely overrated, but I can be in a monogamous relationship as long as my partner is as open in his sexuality as I am, that way our lovemaking will never get boring. We will always find new and exciting ways to please each other and fulfill each others fantasies.

As far as being domesticated, yes, I cook, clean, do laundry, tend to the children, etc. No, I don't want to be Susie Homemaker, I will have my own money, job and goals. Therefore, housework will be shared, because the bills will be shared. In a relationship, one hand washes the other. I scratch your back you scratch mine. As long as, there is trust, honesty, and respect, we can work on the rest.....

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Junetenth (Junetenth*lol*) will mark my 2nd month of my penis drought. I wouldn't quite call it a drought, because penis is available...however, I'm just being very stubborn and choosey right now...

I want things a certain way and if I can't have it my way, then it will be no way...
Its the Aquarian in me.

I find myself having these dreams, well nightmares, where everyone else is having sex around me. Everyone else includes my ex, my past lovers, such as Puddy.

The dream with Puddy was crazy. I guess I was a CSI and I had to go view the crime scene which occured at the apartment where I grew up. I was told not to go alone, strict orders, which is why Puddy accompanied me. When we arrived there were no signs of a crime. Once we opened the second door to the bedroom, it was as if we opened Pandora's Box, because a slew of women came out of the woodworks and surrounded Puddy.

That left me alone and wandering about my old apartment. I then noticied an older man and woman talking. Then in seconds they were getting busy. I went to find Puddy or to find some attractive guy to get my groove on with, that's when I opened the door to find some guy eating a girl out. He stopped when he noticied me and I told him, "Don't stop, keep on going, don't mind me..."

Puddy was in the bed next to him, but he never brought his face up from being buried in the girl's cat. So, that left me all alone, with no one to sex. Each one of the 3 men that were there, were coupled off. I have the slightest idea where the rest of the girls went, but I didn't care. I was horny and was trying to find an available, attractive man. To no avail, I forced myself to wake up.

Usually, I have control over my dreams, but I guess since I haven't been had, since I been had, I forgot how to get had....*lol*

Then this morning, I dreamt about my ex in the shower with some sexy Brazilian chic, I went in there pulled back the shower curtain and told him to have a great time....*lol*

I went searching for someone to sex, but to no avail, I woke myself up again.

So something has got to give, I'm tired of these nightmares.....

Firework My Words
Firework My Words

Sunday, May 21, 2006

The Laundromat....

If you missed "Who's Right? Who's Wrong? You may want to read that before proceeding. This is the dialouge for the following story....

I carried two 40 pound bags of dirty clothes into the “laundroteria” (**lol**) while Kaeven grabbed the detergent, fabric softener and bleach. I dumped my bags into a basket and proceeded to the top load $1.50 washing machines for my whites (mostly Kaeven’s whites). I arrive at the washers and notice that all of the washers are taken or out of order except one.

The one that this goofy-looking, acne-faced, Latina chic is standing in front of, the one that she sat there opening and closing the lid, as though she never seen a washing machine. So I stood there with my clothes, with my attitude, [when I’m on my business (cooking, cleaning, laundry) I have this stank ass demeanor], with a look on my face, like, “Bitch, hurry up and finish examining the damn washer like you a Crime Scene Investigaor and let me handle my business. Move Bitch…” She then spoke. I spoke. She spoke. I didn’t budge. I wanted to tell the chic, “Bitch you on bullshit”, instead of asking the bitch where her clothes were…

However, I remembered.

I am not alone.

I am a mother and my son is here…

That’s when my passive aggressive, sarcastic tactics came into play.

I wasn’t finna sit there and let this bitch go all the way over there and get her clothes and come back when I’m standing here.

Ready, prepared, and on a mission, literally.

I had to hit the Southside before traffic hit.

"I needed to talk to Samson…”*lol*

I wasn’t leaving without a fight, while trying my best to avoid a fight.

So I just stopped talking and looked the bitch like she was silly…waiting for her to tear her muthafuckin ass.

I have this blink I do to people that really pisses people off, while they get all emotionally charged. I sit calmly, blinking, with this look on my face that says, “OK, shut yo dumb ass up… I’m not trying to hear that bullshit…”

If she was clever about it, she would’ve inserted her card into the machine, start the cycle, and go get her clothes. Straight off GP, I would have had to respect her property because now the machine was in use.

I really wanted to push the bitch out the way and get my laundry on…

She then went on about her business catching my eye to flash her ice grill. I laughed in her face. Then once I placed my whites into the dryer, I went up to her with this sarcastic smile and said, “My clothes are done, you can use the washer now…”

“That’s nice”, she said.

I started laughing once again…she could see my body shaking from me laughing.

After slightly taunting her, then I kept a eye on the bitch.

I was in the Puerto Rican part of town, I was the minority, you know them marks stick together.



This bitch finished her laundry, went to the car and changed clothes. She then came back into the Laundromat.

At first, she wore

some thick heeled sandals,

with some cute little linen Capri pants,( I even gave the bitch a compliment, in my head though)

with a nice linen blouse(another compliment).

She changed into

some boguish shorts

and an old T-shirt,

but with the same sandals...

I had on

my blue zip up hoodie,

my White Sox shirt made from jersey material,

some dark blue jeans,

and my boguish White/Gray Nike Air Max(Gray cause the leather wore off… and so did the Nike Air Max sign…Now they just say my name Nika(Yazmar are you satisfied?)…*lol* I’m so silly, compliments of Mike Epps…),

with my hair in cornrows.

Yea, I looked so hood and grimy..but my ass was washed and my clothes were Downy fresh…*lol* (I love fresh linens). I always dress like the common folk, when I’m on business, ripping and running, but when I’m making a grand appearance that’s a different story…

I was like, “She is really mad”….*lol*

She then went back to her car, as she spat on her cellphone…and drove away…

Friday, May 19, 2006


Two women are in a laundromat. There are 6 top load washers, 3 of them are in use, two are out of order. The two women approach the only available washer at the same time. The first lady has her clothes in her basket at the washer, the second lady is just standing at the washer. They both eye each other...

Lady #2: Those two are out of order.

Lady #1: OK......

Lady #2 : Well I was going to actually use this one...

Lady #1 : Well, where are your clothes?

Lady #2 : They're over there, I'm going to go get them, I just came over here to check it.

Lady #1: Well, I'm here ready to you expect me to sit here and look at this washer, when I'm already here ready to load?

Lady #2 : My clothes are just over there. I was going to use this one...

Lady #1: (Standing there looking at Lady #2,like she stupid, waiting for her to leave to get her clothes.)

Lady #2 : You know what, I'm not even going to sit here and argue with can have it...

Lady #1 : GOOD...(smugly)

Lady #2 : (walks off)


Thursday, May 18, 2006

Question and Answers

Why have I been downloading porn from LimeWire all day?
Cause I'm horny and sexually deprived....

Why did I download Karrine Steffans and Mr. Marcus's movie?
Cause I wanted to see her technique which is nothing more than my techinique...*lol*

Why does Eve and Nelly have a 45 second feature on there?
Cause they freaks...I knew it!

Why does R. Kelly like eating asses out?
Cause he likes his breath to smell shitty....I hope those girls do like me and shower after a bowel movement....

Why did I see my child's father this weekend?
Because, that was one of the many wishes of my son for his birthday...

Why is that nigga as big as the Incredible Hulk and his biceps are big as my head?
Cause he benching 315lbs...

Why did he kiss me in my mouth?
Cause he horny as fuck...

Why did he ask me to go to the bathroom, wipe the aroma from my vagina and give him the paper towel?
So he can use it to get his money later on, while he smells it....

Why did I do it too?
Cause it was the least I could do...

Why did I insert my finger into my vagina and put in it in his mouth?
So he could have a taste..*lol*.and cause I'm nasty...*lol*

Why did the mailroom not allow me to send him a copy of my "Beauty is a Beast" blog?
Because they said it was sexually explicit material...

Well why the hell does he have a copy of one of Zane's novels?
Cause the system is ass backwards....

Why am I scared to have sex with him?
Cause he's been locked up since last May...

Why haven't I talked to PCC in weeks and his phone was disconnected?
Cause he was in the County, like I figured...

Why did he call me as soon as he bonded out?
Cause he wanted some...

Why couldn't I give him none, when I wanted to so badly?
Cause the Crimson Tide is here....too bad.

Why was he the last person I slept with?
Because I wanted it that way.....

Why the hell was he locked up?
For illegal use of a firearm....his crazy ass...

Why did my Filipino ex-lover call me today?
Because he said he was thinking about me and he had missed me.

What was he thinking about in particular?
My big ass and titties and how we used to dip off at work and get our groove on....

Why is he so fascinated with my ass and tits?
Cause I'm his first black girl and I guess Filipina women ain't stacked like they black... (and vice versa)

Why was I thinking about his little penis?
Cause I get turned on my the weirdest things and his was so cute and little...*lol*

Why am I talking like this?
Cause I saw a funny episode of Seinfeld last night and if you saw it too, you would catch the references....

Why did that episode have me rolling last night?
Cause it was hella funny...*lol*

"Do you think they think I was just being folksy?" - George

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Happy Birthday Kaeven!(May 16th)

He wanted a SpiderMan cake...and he got it...

I guess he's making a wish..his silly self...*lol*

"I'm foe"...*lol*

Cut the cake....

Later we went to Toys R Us...

Mom came over and brought him a few SpiderMan outfits...
(I'm so glad I don't have my mother's nose...*lol*)

The birthday week isn't over, tomorrow we will go out with his uncle and his cousins. We'll probably go to Chucky Cheese or somewhere they can play....

This was not my original post but I can't upload my pictures....hopefully I will be able to later...

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


This is me, thinking...

"Why the hell won't they just take the quiz already, damn...?"

Please take the quiz...

Take the quiz, aiight?


I got this from

My ex was the first to take the quiz...
The first time, he ain't know shit...
His second go he did aiight....but he was moreso trying to figure out the answers to the answers especially #5, "How many men did Nsanelee truly love?"....

He still didn't do better than my wrappie, my main damie, who left me in this blogworld all alone....GEORGIAPEACH........MUTHAFUCKA!!!...*lol*

I want to thank , my homeslice, DYNASTY, for taking my quiz, she did fair for a square...

YAZMAR, I'm tripping cause you my home skillet...but you got all of them WRONG???
However, I did set the test up the way they set up culturally biased tests, such as ACT, etc....

It just goes to show you...
Its not what you know, but if you know:
How to take standarized tests....
There are actually methods to learn to be able to take stardarized tests....
I made the test just a little tricky, to where all of the answers could be right...slight wording manuevers does the trick....*lol*

I invite you all to take my quiz, please....
It won't take but a few moments....

Come on...

Sunday, May 14, 2006

How well do you really know Nsanelee?

I go this from the Phoenix, she got it from, Jen, who got it from...(shit excuse me, I've been drinking an smoking, I don't remember, was it Chad...*lol*) I'll link later, they saying I'm missing the rotation.....*lol*

How well do you really know Nsanelee?

Silly Kaeven actin like he sleep...*lol*


Friday, May 12, 2006

Name Droppin/Star Stuck

Through the years, I have been within arms reach of many individuals who some may deem as a celebrity...

Here's a list of some people I have met, dodged, or was too scared to say something to, but was in their presence.

Vanessa, Tempest Bledsoe, came to my school when I was in Kindergarden. At first, I didn't believe it was her, because I was just watching the Cosby show the night before. She was good friends of my teacher's daughter, (white teacher, white daughter). We took a class picture with her. I would post it, but my scanner not working right now....

At the age of 9, I called WVON, Black Talk Radio of Chicago, when they had Tony Brown as a guest. I was able to sit with him through the show, I was even live on the radio. The most spectacular part was having him sign my African Medallion. Remember those?

When I was 15, I was built like a grown woman, but I never lied about my age. This dude from the 69 Boyz, tried to chase me down at the mall. His gold teeth and black ass skin scared me. Then I noticied who it was, I walked away even faster..... Now that I like kuntry niggas, he kinda cute, but he was still too old for me then, that's why I ran.....

Me, my mom, and sister saw Minister Farrakhan in Hyde Park, having his breakfast, as he read his Final Call. I wanted to go get his autgraph, but I didn't want to disturb him, so we waved, he waved and smiled back. He was so peaceful.

Yall probably don't know PsyschoDrama,(NameLiar know who I'm talking bout) they cold ass hell, from the WestSide of Chicago. I met them at a live taping of Rap City, when Big Lez was still the host of Rap City.

Of course, I met Big Lez. I was able to take a picture with her. She wrapped her arm around my waist and sat her hand on my fat juicy, young tender, firm, 18 year old ass.... So from then on, I knew why they called her Big Lez (Les..bian). I didn't mind her copping a feel though. I shoulda grabbed her big ass too...*lol*

Common was also at the taping of Rap City, but I was once in the elevator with him and I didn't know what to say, so I said nothing...I just looked at him...*lol* But made sure he didn't see me looking. I was looking out the corner of my eye.

I met Crucial Conflict while I was backstage at the Jay Z concert. Why was they really trying to holla at me and my homegirl? They some from out west ass niggas...I think they got a new single out......They were also at the taping of Rap City....

The freaky perverted pastor (he has no name, cause he's really a nobody) from Soul Food, came into Walgreens while I worked there. He stood in my line and was acting as if I should know him...not to mention, he is just as perverted in real life....

I met this fat head, big titty girl Teefa from the Infamous Syndicate She looks weird cause her head and tits are so big, but she's only like 4'10 and her legs are skinny...but she was cool peeps.

R. Kelly came into the Evergreen Plaza smelling like a 175 pound bag of chopped onions. Usually, when someone enters the store you appraoch them to ask them if they need any help. Well, when I saw Kels, I ran the other way. I'm not a groupie and he stanked all up to be damned. Them other chics was on his stanky ass jock strap, not me. Like I said, I went the other way. One of the dudes in his entourage tried to holla at me to get me to come to the studio with them. Ummm, HELL NAW!! And this is before the piss tape and all the allegations of sex with minors....Hell I was in that age range right about then, I was 19. He woulda tried to piss all over me...*lol*

Fredro Starr also came into the same clothing store. He was short as hell, like 4'11. I'm was like damn!! I thought he was cute on Moesha,so I gave him my pager number. He scared me off when he was blowing up my pager all night. When I called him back, he was all aggressive trying to get me to come over. He was here filming that movie with Usher...can't remmeber the name..but anyway, I stood him up. Ain't no groupie's here....He wasn't talking bout going out, he wanted to get me to his crib and try to fuck....I'm not the one baby....witcha midget ass....

Jagged Egde came into my store and bought 4 Pelle Jackets . I was salty I didn't know who they were at first. Shit, I coulda got that sale...oh well...I know ole girl commission check was lovely....

Before Deray, was Deray, me and my girl met him at this bootleg comedy club. He tried to holla at my girl. She never got up with him. I bet she wish she did now...

My son met Da Brat, while with his father on a trip to the County jail to visit his father, my son's grandfather. Da Brat, from my baby daddy's account, said Kaeven was the cutest little boy she had ever seen....My baby daddy didn't get her autograph for me cause he states she was handling her business visiting her peeps. I understand, cause I'm not the one to go bothering celebrities while they are handling their day to day business.....

Ok, I can't think of no more right now, but tell me who have you met, seen, or ran from that's supposedly a celebrity?