Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Thats the life I have been living since last Thursday.
Glad to say, I no longer reside with my father.
Glad to say, I don't have to deal with an emotional alcoholic who justifies all of his actions into being "RIGHT".
Sad to say, Kaeven, did not need to see us arguing and fighting.
Sad to say, I wasn't prepared for this aburpt change in livelihood.
I mean, the reason I moved to Dallas with my father was for support, right?
So once again, as always in my life, I am all alone to fend for myself.
Sad to say, I am not alone, I have a child.
Glad to say, he is my motivation, cause if I didn't have him, I can be a vagabond all by myself and not have to worry about shit, but when will the LORD TAKE MY LIFE.....
Not to sound suicidal, but you feel me?
At least I can say this....
I have my mental sanity, which means more to me, than having a father figure for my son(but what kind of figure can you be when you can't control your liquor), having support with bills and saving money.
You can't put a price on being free from mental anguish and abuse.
I'm saying, if one person can drive you to the brink of wanting to end your own beautiful life, that is really a lot to say about someone.
In short, one must distant themselves from that.
Although I am not financially stable at the present, I have my mental stability.
Although, I am not positioned and planted, I have my son and I have a bit of privacy.

Things aren't as bad as they seem.
I've been down too long, so the only way to go is up.
So with that said, I probably won't be seeing or reading on you guys, until I am settled in my humble abode, with internet access.

Yall the only family, that has never faultered, and I don't even know yall...


Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Why are they boxes so small?...*lol*

I need a biiger gift....*lol*


Monday, January 08, 2007

2006 Random Wrap-Up(LATE AS HELL)

"Been bullshittin but I finally arrived with it/I know it's late and I took all year but/You can stop complainin cause I'm finally here"- "Late"-Kanye West

Feb 17, Move to the Wild Wild Westside of Chicago....and boy it was gutter...
Feb 22, Get fired from the job I held the longest...
June 29-July 4, Big KICKIN IT! (with my Westside buddies) Gettin kicked outta clubs, pajama parties, ridin motorbikes,everyday kickin it. I did more out West than I done my whole life...."On my mama, JOE, it was LIVE!!" . Getting fucked up by Puddy (#1).
Aug 28-Move to Dallas
Sept 18-New Job
Dec 23-26-Toys, Toys, Toys, and Fun
Dec 29-I lied to myself

Taking care of three kids at once, playing big mama.
The shootouts, leaving black men dead, monthly, out West.
My homeboy getting robbed and stomped out by 12 niggas, thats fucked up.
Gettin kicked outta the correctional facility.
Finding my long lost love and then deliberately losing him.
Mos Def is arrested for performing "Katrina Clap".
Saddam Hussein is slain.

Chicago Bears, Tank Johnson's bodyguard, is shot at a Chicago nightclub.
Carmelo hoe ass...
AI, the newest addition to my Denver Nuggets.
The BEARS are top of their division, with a bi-week, and homefield advantage in the playoffs.
TO O.D.s, TO spits in people's face, TO is an ass....
Pretty Boy Floyd takes one in the nuts from hoe ass Zab Judah

"First Time"-Yung Joc
"Stuntin Like My Daddy"- Lil Wayne
"Grammy Family"-Kanye
"I Know You See It"-Yung Joc
"Snap Ya Fingas"-Lil Jon, Youngbloods
"Gangsta Party" Yo Gotti
"Way I Be Leanin"-Juvenile
"What you know about that?"- T.I.

Its all about self-improvement, cause I ain't getting no younger.
Do what I gotta do, learn and grow from my experiences, and leave dead weight and baggage behind.