Monday, April 02, 2007

round 2
miscellaneous bickering
exposing situations needing to be handled
understandings needing to be comprehended
emotions needing to be expressed
its not an argument
if one is speaking
and one is listening
its not an argument
if one is understanding
and in agreement
its not an argument
if both submits
its more of us understanding
and delivering our needs, our wants
even though it wasn't an argument
emotions were heated
and so was my, i mean his......
and his, i mean mine......
i knew there would be a session
the make-up
spontaneity is mind blowing
how can i blow his mind?
the answer.......
a double entendre....

Thursday, March 29, 2007

we had our first fight
it stemmed from a past relationship
a bond that can't be broken
he is the father of my child
and will forever be.
he understands
but he stands firm
that he is my man
and i am his woman,
however, that is his child
and he would never come between that.
he knew my situtation before he entered
i argued
he wants to be the only man in my life
other than my son
and he is....
at times i am confused on how to express this to him
without losing myself
he calls me his queen
i call him my king
and we treat each other like royalty.
even when we argue
we still have the upmost respect
its more of a discussion
rather than an arguement
because he will not tolerate my loudness
and i respect that
there are many ways to communicate,
even when upset.
we communicated,
and came to an agreement
this morning we said our first
i love you's
and i really do.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


his rough exterior compensates for his gentle interior
its the little things he does that means so much
the morning i awake to him massaging my feet
when he awakes me with a gentle kiss and a loving hug
i don't even mind his stinky morning breathe.
with him, i can be the gentle, sweet lady, i am
i don't have to front
he adores my feminitity, my sensitivity
i adore his mind and his thoughts.
he hates my chicago bred attititude, accent, and loud talking
when i am upset.
i hate his quick temper
he is easlily upset
he prefers me to talk to him gently
while he talks to me in a demanding manner
he obeys my sweet talk
i obey his commands
he is the ying to my yang
i love when he calls my name
i love to call his name
sometimes we just sit and hold one another
looking deep into each others eyes
speaking in loud volumes, although we are silent
holding each other tight.

Thursday, March 22, 2007


Tuesday, March 20, 2007


damn this been one hell of a year to start off....

i just had to "get the hammer down and out"....

i'm back doin me....

sorta kinda.....

i did some shit that was not supposed to be me....

but turns out it was....

i guess i'll see ya next lifetime....

we still cool....

i'll get cha.....

one can't be mad

but they are....

hell two are mad

but they don't say

many sideline hatin.....

my long lost love

feels neglected......

but they all say

"as long as you happy"

"its all good, but thats fucked up!"

as my pussy gets wet thinkin about him........

"whats wrong, you don't love me no more?"

i am happy...

it is all good and depending on who's perspective, it can be fucked up....

i do, i'm just on something else right now, yea

(i've noticed, i say huh and yea after almost every serious statement, depending on if it is a question or if it is an'm losing my accent and all my chi town huh, see i did it

oh how Kaeven has grown and matured!!!

oh how i have to get in his ass!!!!

"there's a new sheriff in town and her name is Nana"

that was too funny when my mama said that to Kaeven after she whupped his

but yea, he needs a good dose of some act right.....

and i gone give it to ya....yea!


that about sums it up....

in a minute....

Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Just here to let you guys know, I'm back up on my feet again.

Just wanted to let yall know, I am no longer a vagabond, but I have a whole week before the cable/internet guy comes.

Talk to yall later.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Thats the life I have been living since last Thursday.
Glad to say, I no longer reside with my father.
Glad to say, I don't have to deal with an emotional alcoholic who justifies all of his actions into being "RIGHT".
Sad to say, Kaeven, did not need to see us arguing and fighting.
Sad to say, I wasn't prepared for this aburpt change in livelihood.
I mean, the reason I moved to Dallas with my father was for support, right?
So once again, as always in my life, I am all alone to fend for myself.
Sad to say, I am not alone, I have a child.
Glad to say, he is my motivation, cause if I didn't have him, I can be a vagabond all by myself and not have to worry about shit, but when will the LORD TAKE MY LIFE.....
Not to sound suicidal, but you feel me?
At least I can say this....
I have my mental sanity, which means more to me, than having a father figure for my son(but what kind of figure can you be when you can't control your liquor), having support with bills and saving money.
You can't put a price on being free from mental anguish and abuse.
I'm saying, if one person can drive you to the brink of wanting to end your own beautiful life, that is really a lot to say about someone.
In short, one must distant themselves from that.
Although I am not financially stable at the present, I have my mental stability.
Although, I am not positioned and planted, I have my son and I have a bit of privacy.

Things aren't as bad as they seem.
I've been down too long, so the only way to go is up.
So with that said, I probably won't be seeing or reading on you guys, until I am settled in my humble abode, with internet access.

Yall the only family, that has never faultered, and I don't even know yall...