Thursday, April 21, 2005

The Stolen Cavi

So we're back in Dallas, business as usual. Nikki gave her mom's the car back. So we was riding in my fathers 97 Chevy Camaro with the brains blew back. (drop top)

I took her to the DMV to get her license renewed, she had just made 21, which meant she would be leaving me to go to the "real" 21 and older clubs....

Anyway, I sat in the car waiting for her to return. After an hour had passed, I went inside to see what the fuck was the hold up.

Come to find out, they arrested Nikki, she was charged with a Felony(Theft for value over $5000). Her mother trifling self, pressed charges and Nikki got 2 years probation.

It was funny though cause Nikki tried to run when she noticied they pulled up her information and the clerk went to talk to the Sheriff. The Sheriff grabbed her and handcuffed her ass...*lol*