Tuesday, March 27, 2007


his rough exterior compensates for his gentle interior
its the little things he does that means so much
the morning i awake to him massaging my feet
when he awakes me with a gentle kiss and a loving hug
i don't even mind his stinky morning breathe.
with him, i can be the gentle, sweet lady, i am
i don't have to front
he adores my feminitity, my sensitivity
i adore his mind and his thoughts.
he hates my chicago bred attititude, accent, and loud talking
when i am upset.
i hate his quick temper
he is easlily upset
he prefers me to talk to him gently
while he talks to me in a demanding manner
he obeys my sweet talk
i obey his commands
he is the ying to my yang
i love when he calls my name
i love to call his name
sometimes we just sit and hold one another
looking deep into each others eyes
speaking in loud volumes, although we are silent
holding each other tight.


BossMack said...

Realness is beautiful Babygirl!

Hassan said...

Keep that flowing little sister...

sxyblkndn said...

I really like that poem! You said it all.