Thursday, March 29, 2007

we had our first fight
it stemmed from a past relationship
a bond that can't be broken
he is the father of my child
and will forever be.
he understands
but he stands firm
that he is my man
and i am his woman,
however, that is his child
and he would never come between that.
he knew my situtation before he entered
i argued
he wants to be the only man in my life
other than my son
and he is....
at times i am confused on how to express this to him
without losing myself
he calls me his queen
i call him my king
and we treat each other like royalty.
even when we argue
we still have the upmost respect
its more of a discussion
rather than an arguement
because he will not tolerate my loudness
and i respect that
there are many ways to communicate,
even when upset.
we communicated,
and came to an agreement
this morning we said our first
i love you's
and i really do.


Anonymous said...

I know u betta come visit

TTD said...

awww... somebody has a boyfriend :-) that's so sweet..

It was written said...

that's a very nice {c} borat