Monday, December 18, 2006

CARMELO hits like a BITCH...*lol*


I watched this over and over, play by play, in slow motion, from every possible angle.

JR (cold ass) SMITH,gets fouled by hoe ass Marty bougish ass Collins.
Hoe ass flagrant foul.
JR, gets in dude grill.
Then this hoe ass nigga, that ain't have "shit to do with shine".
Nate Robinson, come get up all in they demo....
Grabbin all up on my guy JR...talkin big shit!
Now he wanna push on people.

Melo came through and throat pushed that nigga.
JR gets pulled back, Robinson throws a punch at JR.
JR rush that nigga.
JR was getting his ass whupped.....*lol*
He got a few in though...
Najera comes to pull niggas back, break up the fight.
Melo comes in pushin niggas the fuck up off, his buddie.
He threw that bitch ass nigga, Channing Frye on his ass and he ain't even do shit....but "Walk it Out"....*lol*

To make it a fair one, Melo slapped the nigga Collins with a closed fist...*lol*
That shit was LOUD as hell.
But Collins wasn't lookin...*lol*
Camby was grabbin Melo by his collar, bout to get him rushed by Jeffries.
Melo got Camby off him and backed the fuck up, but he ain't run, he stood a few feet away.

Camby and Jeffries got tripped up.
Robinson ready to throw them thangs at Melo.
He ran, then stood behind one of the protective "officials".

I'm mad he ain't even knock the nigga out.
Collins got knocked down by one of the "officials",who was holding him back.
Melo ain't even faze the nigga, and it was a cheap shot....*lol*
For all those games he will miss, he should've knocked SOMEBODY the FUCK OUT, instead of bitch punchin them....and running...
He shoulda popped Jeffries ass, for chargin him...
I like how Robinson was ready to kick it off...
He was ready to knock Melo ass out, had he tried to bitch punch him...


Robert Mack said...

Yeah the crazy thing is that Nate Robinson is like what 5'7 maybe? The smallest dude on the court wanting to do the most fighting....

But see Melo ain't gonna never be mentioned as one of the best if he keeps effing up like this...I mean youre the leading scorer in the league and now youre going to be out for 15 games, thats over a month. And for what?...I bet you wouldn't see Lebron or D.Wade in some garbage like that...hell people knock D.Wade down all the time, and he gets right back up, like his commercial LOL (fall 7 times, get up 8 times)...

Hassan said...


The Sarccastik Variable Why said...

what's so sad about that...I AM A HUGE 'MELO Fan...THAT WAS BITCH MADE!!! you don't swing on nobody and run...what kinda shit is that...stand there and fight...I LOOKED AT IT WITH 2 OPTIONS...Either he can grab his teammates and demand they go back to the bench OR Sit there and FIGHT!!!!I don't mean swing like a bitch and run!!!! WHAT KINDA SHIT IS THAT?!?!?!

NegroPino™ said...

Well its really bout to be on now....the Nuggets just signed ALlen Iverson...lemme find out the Nuggets gonna have the sexiest squad in the NBA

muffin said...

he DOES hit like a bitch! that was some funny shit!